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Monday, August 19, 2013

Shia LaBeouf Bares All in Sigur Rós Video; The Lyrics to Lady Gaga's New Single 'Applause' Are Absolutely Ridiculous


Shia LaBeouf's penis is just one of the many images that flashes across the screen in the strange and downright depressing new Sigur Rós music video for their song “Fjögur Píanó." But it's the one image that will likely garner the most attention from Israeli director Alma Har’el's nearly 8-minute-long opus about addiction. (After all, "Shia LaBeouf Sucks On a Blinking Lollipop" doesn't have quite the same panache as "Shia LaBeouf Goes Full-Frontal.")

Still, the sight of the Transformers' star completely in the buff is hardly the most jarring visual from the divisive clip. Aside from the nudity from LaBeouf and his co-star, actress Denna Thomsen, there's a dance sequence that is, right now, at this very moment, making Mia Michaels weep (choreographer Ryan Heffington will get the credit for that) and a hell of a lot of symbolism for addiction. 

As Har'el, who was given $10,000 and total creative from the band, whose new album Valtari was released last month, explains to the Wall Street Journal, the video is about "addiction to drugs, or sex, or anything — and how you get stuck in a cycle." Those butterflies aren't just butterflies, but "very beautiful things that die very fast" (nobody ever suspects the butterfly) and what one person sees as simply "candy and fish" is the hardship of "not knowing how to get out of something without causing pain to someone else." In other words, the video for the wordless "“Fjögur Píanó" will mean something very different to everyone. 

Since the 26-year-old star, who has been nothing short of a PR nightmare over the past few years, reportedly volunteered to take part in the project, it's a safe assumption LaBeouf was hoping to earn back some of the long-lost actor cred and shed some of his own inner demons. Of course, in a culture where violence hardly causes us to bat an eye (the video also features some unsettling moments of violence) and full-frontal male nudity can still send people into a giggling frenzy, the core of what he was trying to accomplish may get lost in that frenzy. Just ask Michael Fassbender

Check out the trippy NSFW video (unless you work in an incredibly lax office) here: 

So there you have it.

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